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Fitness: Reverse Fly, 10 to 20 reps

Using light dumbbells, soup cans, or no weight at all, go for 20 reps to help open up your chest and lengthen your spine. Stand in a hinged-over position, keeping your back at while keeping a light core engagement to support your back and arms and reach down towards the ground. Exhale as you use your middle back muscles to reach your arms out and away from you. (Feel as though you are slightly sticking out your chest.) Inhale to return to start.
Credited: Erica Ziel, Knocked-Up Fitness


Superfood of the Day: Chia Seeds

Chia seeds contain fiber and omega-3 fats, which have been proven to help prevent pregnancy depression. Chia seeds also help slow down the absorption of sugar, which will help inhibit the amount of sugar your baby absorbs. Add Chia seeds to your favorite greek yogurt bowl, smoothie, cereal, or even salad!


Meditation: Sing

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You don’t need to have a stellar voice to sing to your baby. You are not on stage, and no one is watching. Singing to your little one creates a vibration that is soothing and/or will activate movement. It’s great for you, too, as you will be reminded of your own child-like play.
Credited: Elyse Falzone, Awaken Your Soul


Yoga: Bound Angle or Butterfly Pose

Open your hips and breathe deeply. This pose offers relief in your hips and strengthens your lower back. Feel free to simply sit in this position and meditate or fold forward a little bit and reach your hands to the floor. Breathe warm, loving energy into your hips, and let gravity do its job.
Credited: Elyse Falzone, Awaken Your Soul


Fitness: 30-Minute Walk

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Taking a walk in nature brings a calm, loving energy to your system. You and your baby will feel it. Look at the flowers, smell the air and feel the breeze. When you awaken your senses, your body comes alive and rejuvenation occurs. Walking for just 30 minutes daily during your pregnancy will help keep your heart strong and muscles toned.


Beauty: Prevent Swollen Feet

Sitting down for a long period of time can cause swollen feet. Every hour, walk 2 to 5 minutes. Also, avoid socks with tight elasticity, and drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day. Don’t forget to treat yourself to a pedicure and to massage any lingering aches.