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Fitness: Squats + Rotations, 10-20 reps

Stand in a comfortable wide squat (sticking your booty slightly back) with your arms out in front (holding an exercise band or hand towel). Exhale as you stand (keeping your glutes engaged), rotating towards your right as your left leg and toe pivot with you, allowing you to rotate your hips easily and to reach your arms up overhead. You should feel a light core connection, your booty working, and a lengthening of your spine. Inhale as you return to your starting squat position. Then rotate to your left, making sure that your right leg and toe pivot with you.
Credited: Erica Ziel, Knocked-Up Fitness


Superfood of the Day: Beans/Lentils

Lentils are filled with iron, fiber, folic acid, healthy minerals, protein and vitamin B. Add lentils to creamy soups or salads to provide you and your baby a powerful handful of nutrients.



Meditation: Write to Your Baby

Pull out your journal or notebook paper and jot down some notes, or write a letter. This is a beautiful practice that allows you to share your thoughts and feelings or hopes and dreams for your soon-to-be newborn.
Credited: Elyse Falzone, Awaken Your Soul


Yoga: Side Angle Pose

This pose supports you in waking up your body. Whether you have been sitting at a desk or you have had a sluggish day, move your body into this pose. Fully extend your top arm to feel that stretch from your fingers to your toes.
Credited: Elyse Falzone, Awaken Your Soul


Fitness: 30-Minute Walk

Recommended: Use BellyBuds paired with WavHello Studios Pop Album, Gentle Instrumental Versions of Pop Hits.
Taking a walk out in nature brings a calm, loving energy to your system. You and your baby will feel it. Look at the flowers, smell the air, and feel the breeze. When you awaken your senses, your body comes alive and rejuvenation occurs. Walking for just 30 minutes during your pregnancy will help keep your heart strong and muscles toned.


Beauty: Prevent Nausea

In the morning, eat a few crackers and rest for 15 minutes before getting up. Eat small meals or snacks often (for example, every two hours) so your stomach does not become empty. Try to not skip meals. Carry a bottle of lemon extract or a sprig of fresh rosemary in your bag, and stealthily sneak a sniff when needed.