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Fitness: Reverse Fly, 10 to 20 reps

Using light dumbbells, soup cans, or no weight at all, go for 20 reps to help open up your chest and lengthen your spine. Stand in a hinged-over position, keeping your back flat while keeping a light core engagement to support your back and arms and reach down towards the ground. Exhale as you use your middle back muscles to reach your arms out and away from you. (Feel as though you are slightly sticking out your chest.) Inhale to return to start.
Credited: Erica Ziel, Knocked-Up Fitness


Superfood of the Day: Figs

Figs contain natural antioxidants, fiber, calcium and magnesium, which can help prevent constipation. Pair figs with a salad or eat them plain!


Meditation: Meditate with Your Hands on Belly

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Sit down in a crossed-leg position or sit on the edge of a chair with your feet on the floor; then meditate. Simply close your eyes and breathe for 5, 10 or 15 minutes at a time. Place your hands on your belly and feel the rise and fall of your stomach. You may even notice that as you breathe, your little one will either become calm with you or move more as he or she feels your connection and touch. During this time, it’s also great to use the WavHello BellyBuds to support you in relaxing and connecting.
Credited: Elyse Falzone, Awaken Your Soul


Fitness: 30-Minute Walk

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Taking a walk out in nature brings a calm, loving energy to your system. You and your baby will feel it. Look at the flowers, smell the air, and feel the breeze. When you awaken your senses, your body comes alive and rejuvenation occurs. Walking for just 30 minutes during your pregnancy will help keep your heart strong and muscles toned.


Beauty: Prevention of Hemorrhoids and Constipation

Avoid constipation by eating a high-fiber diet, which includes whole grains, beans, fruits and vegetables. Drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day, and exercise regularly. If you become constipated, use fiber supplements and stool softeners recommended by your doctor.