BellyBuds + Adhesives + Meditations Bundle

$ 79.99
BellyBuds + Adhesives + Meditations Bundle

BellyBuds + Adhesives + Meditations Bundle

$ 79.99

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Bundle BellyBuds, Adhesives & Meditations, Save 20%! 

This is the ultimate gift bundle to connect with baby in utero! BellyBuds are special speakers designed to gently adhere to mom's baby bump and safely play music and sound to the womb. Did you know that a baby’s hearing is fully developed at about 20 weeks and memories start at 30?

BellyBuds connect directly to our free VoiceShare® mobile app, allowing anyone you love to record messages and share content with your little one and each other. You can introduce loved ones to your newest addition even before they are born!

Pregnancy can be wonderful one moment and overwhelming the next; our Journey Into Pregnancy meditation series will help you navigate it all. Guided by Khalsa Way prenatal yoga instructor, Stacey Martino, this series of intentional meditations for the expectant mother guides mom-to-be as she journeys from conception to birth. This bundle of the complete series invites you to explore your inner world and endeavor to trust, embrace and direct the changes happening in your body and your life. A portion of all proceeds goes to benefit, a refugee-led early childhood education initiative. 

This bundle includes: 

    • 1 set BellyBuds® baby bump speakers
        • BellyBuds speakers
        • Audio splitter
        • Storage pouch
        • Free digital album
    • 10 Pairs of SafeBond Replacement Adhesives
        • 5-month supply of SafeBond Adhesives, perfect for mom in her second trimester. 
    • Journey into Pregnancy Digital Albums 
        • Guided Explorations, Balancing the Chakras
        • Guided Explorations into the 1st Trimester
        • Guided Explorations into the 2nd Trimester
        • Guided Explorations into the 3rd Trimester

**A code will be included with your BellyBuds to redeem in our VoiceShare app for free access to the Journey Into Pregnancy digital albums.**

Full product details for BellyBuds can be viewed here, and for SafeBond Replacement Adhesives here