Champagne in the Rain | What to Buy BEFORE Baby Comes

Champagne in the Rain | What to Buy BEFORE Baby Comes

I’ve had more than a few people ask me about products that I have purchased while I’ve been pregnant – either geared towards the pregnancy itself or items that I have stocked up on prior to our little chick’s arrival….which is only a month away now…WHHHHAAAAAT?! So I figured I would put together a little list of both kinds of products, but focused on the items that I would most strongly recommend to other expectant mamas. [And for anyone headed to a baby shower…any of these would make a great gift, with the exception of the vitamins].

Below I have explained why I would so highly recommend each of these items, and I have linked to both the site where they can be purchased AND the reviews for any of these products that had reviews posted on their website. Obviously not everything works the same way for everyone, but here are the reasons why I love these and why I stocked up on them before the baby comes:



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