The Beat of Your Family

Record voice messages, lullabies and stories from your loved ones to share with your little ones.

  • Tell family legends or fairy tales.

  • Make up silly stories with the Story Makers Game.

  • Read Goldilocks in your growly bear voice.

  • Sing Rock-a-Bye Baby as a rock ballad.

  • Play baby's naptime playlist for instant snooze.

With VoiceShare you can bring the sound of your family everywhere.

Make anytime story time.

Read and record classic stories and new favorites from our library of books. The sound of your voice makes the page come alive.

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Sing lullabies silly or serene.

Lull little ones to sleep with soothing nursery rhymes or make a playlist that's perfect for playtime.

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Make your story part of their story.

Your family has stories to tell. Start the conversation with our story prompts or get creative in the Story Makers section.

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Now sharing with family across town or across the globe couldn't be easier.

  • "While my husband travels for weeks at a time for work, he's still been able to connect with our kids by sharing special messages, songs, and even joining in for story time by sharing short stories recorded on our SoundBub. Using the VoiceShare app with our SoundBub has been a life-saver for our family!"

    Jackie Houston
  • "My three-year-old daughter absolutely loves when we record personal messages for her to listen to before bed. We watch her big smile on the baby monitor as she hears me and my husband each say we love her. She usually will put her thumb in her mouth right after that (which means she will be asleep within a minute or two!) We love it!"

    Rachael Burgess
  • "When my husband is traveling for work - anywhere from Japan, to Italy to somewhere else in the states - we love that our boys can always hear Daddy's voice through our SoundBub and feel his comfort no matter how far he is."

    Jessica Fay
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Check back often for new additions to our library of books and music designed to help families connect and grow closer.

VoiceShare is compatible with all WavHello products.