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Fitness: Kneeling Side Reaches, 10 reps on each side

In a side-kneeling position, reach your top arm over your body and extend your top leg out and away from your body. On the start of your exhale, slowly round your spine, drawing your top elbow and knee towards each other (they do not have to touch: the goal is to round your back). Inhale to lengthen back out. Do 10 reps; then switch sides.
Credited: Erica Ziel, Knocked-Up Fitness


Superfood of the Day: Lean Meat

Eating skinless lean meat, such as chicken or turkey, is a great way for you to feel satisfied and hold on to lean muscle mass. 71 grams of lean protein is a healthy intake, as it will help you with the physical demands of pregnancy. Easy ways to incorporate lean meat in your diet can be a grilled chicken salad, turkey club sandwich, or even a simple meal of grilled chicken with quinoa and veggies.


Meditation: Take 3 Deep Breaths

Whether you are pregnant or not, this is one of the most powerful tools you can use throughout your day: As often as you need, slow down and take 3 deep breaths. Inhale through your nose, and exhale through your mouth, releasing any tension, stress, or hormonal craziness you may feel. Then smile after you complete your 3 breaths. It feels really good!
Credited: Elyse Falzone, Awaken Your Soul


Yoga: Supported Yoga Squat

Labor and delivery are coming! Preparing your body to do what it does is so valuable. This supported yoga squat does just that. You can use yoga blocks or a stack of towels to allow extra support.
Credited: Elyse Falzone, Awaken Your Soul


Fitness: 30-Minute Walk

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Taking a walk in nature brings a calm, loving energy to your system. You and your baby will feel it. Look at the flowers, smell the air and feel the breeze. When you awaken your senses, your body comes alive and rejuvenation occurs. Walking for just 30 minutes daily during your pregnancy will help keep your heart strong and muscles toned.


Beauty: Prevent Facial Dryness and Acne

Moisturize your face multiple times a day with organic coconut oil to hydrate your skin. This will also help with breakouts, as some skin types can be overly dried by harsh acne soaps.
Credited: Ashley Sander, Fashion and Beauty Blogger