Holiday Mom Hacks | Thanksgiving Decor

Holiday Mom Hacks | Thanksgiving Decor

Three pin-worthy inspiration boards for your Thanksgiving party decor 

Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving for the first time or you’re a veteran holiday soiree planner, designing an inviting, functional and memorable table arrangement is a big job. With little ones in tow, family flying in and ALL that baking to do, planning quickly hits the back burner. That’s why we put together three pin-worthy holiday décor collections to inspire your Thanksgiving dinner settings and help you pull off the perfect party. 


A classic thanksgiving table doesn’t have to include a cornucopia (unless you want it to!). Create an elegant, timeless table setting with crisp white linens, white plates and your finest crystal. Arrange white pumpkins and traditional floral bouquets for a classy, elegant family dinner.  


Pair neutral colors with natural elements to create an inviting, rustic dining space. Linen table cloths, burlap runners and twine serve as a foundation for leafy, herbal centerpieces. Add a collection of white candles to set the mood. 


Lay the foundation with a bright, patterned table cloth. Mix and match plates and glasses for an eclectic look. Finish with a wild floral arrangement and gold tea lights to add warmth.

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