The Best of Baby Meets Santa 2017

The Best of Baby Meets Santa 2017

The Cutest Kids + The Best Reactions to Santa = PURE GOLD. 

Thanks to all of you, our second annual #BabyMeetsSanta contest was a hit! However, some of the kiddos involved did not share the same sentiment when they sat on Santa's lap this year. Here is a look at the highlight reel of little ones who were not so holly jolly to see Old Saint Nick. 

Our Facebook Winner: The look of sheer terror

This angry elf who does NOT want to be one of Santa's helpers


These almost-twins who share in the terror

This Santa Clause who is making the best of the moment

This Santa Clause who has given us all the gift of hilarious mockery

We get it little guy, we're scared too...

This little guy who is NOT PUTTING UP WITH THIS

And another one of Santa's not-so-helpful helpers

And last but not least, this baby who's angry eyebrow game is so strong.

Missed out of this year's Baby Meets Santa fun? Snag a SoundBub for 15% off when you enter code BABYMEETSSANTA on our website from now until 12/31/17! 

Happy Holidays from Team WavHello! 

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