The Perfect Valentine’s Day Playlist for Baby

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Playlist for Baby

We created the perfect Spotify Valentine's Day playlist for baby so you don't have to. 

If you’re stuck on how to make your little one feel the love this Valentine’s Day, we've got the perfect solution for you! Whether your baby is still hanging out in mama’s belly or has already arrived in the world, share your love with this special playlist we put together for your sweet little Valentine.

At WavHello, we believe in sharing the gift of music with our littles. You can play this soundtrack to baby in the womb using BellyBuds baby bump speakers. Research shows that not only can a baby in the womb hear at 20 weeks, but they can also recognize the same melodies after they’re born. You can also share these tunes via our Bluetooth speaker, SoundBub!  SoundBub lets you to play your music, read a story or play white noise for your little one at home or on the go. This is all possible using our VoiceShare app, which allows you to record, store and share your stories and music with baby.



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