VoiceShare: The Latest and Greatest in Family App Technology

VoiceShare: The Latest and Greatest in Family App Technology

Your New Favorite Family Bonding App & How to Use It

The latest version of our VoiceShare app is here, and with it comes a variety of new and improved activities and functions to better your family's experience. VoiceShare 2.0 will make family bonding easier than ever, whether you're sending a message across your living room, or a lullaby thousands of miles away. Below is a walk through the key functions of the app, to help give you a leg up on the new age of family connection. 

Invite and Connect with Loved Ones

The most important function of VoiceShare is your ability to share your content with the people you love; whether that be voice messages, stories, or a bedtime lullaby. That's why we have made sure that inviting and interacting with your loved-ones is a seamless part of your in-app experience. Simply click on the "Invite" button in the tree icon, and select the contact of the person you would like to invite. Once your invitee accepts and registers in the app, you will be able to send requests to sing a lullaby, or record your little one's favorite bedtime story.

Read Books

We love our VoiceShare users, and we want you to get the most out of our app. That's why we are gifting the timeless beloved story Goldilocks & The Three Bears to all of our 2.0 users! We know your little one is going to ask you to read it over and over again until they fall asleep, so why not sit out a turn, and let Grandma and Grandpa send you their best "growly voice" recording of the story, while you and your child follow along in-app!

Sing Lullabies

Our gifts don't stop at Goldilocks... we want to see how you fare when you combine karaoke and your little one's favorite lullabies, and our "Twinkle Twinkle" lullaby singalong bundle is already waiting for you in the Sing section. Each of our lullaby bundles come with three instrumental versions of lullaby classics, along with their lyrics. Your kiddo won't mind if your rendition of "Itsy Bitsy Spider" is more blooper reel than American Idol, all that matters is that you sing your heart out.

Tell Your Story

The Talk function in our app allows you to do just that; and so much more! Every family has a story to tell, and here you can record it, share it with loved ones, and even add pictures! Your child's favorite story about that silly prank you played on your big brother can be played as many times as they want to hear it. And better yet, you can invite others to add to the story from their point of view. Stuck on what story to tell? Try out our Story Maker game, combining elements from each of the randomized icons to make up a creative story your bundle of joy will love. 

Add to Your Library 

Your Library houses all of your purchased in-app content, as well as any existing music on your phone that you choose to sync to your app. You can also combine in-app purchased lullabies, singalongs, and other music with music that is already on your device to create the perfect playlist for your child!

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