1. Besides iPhones or phones, is there any other safer recording player devise that work with this product?

Bellybuds are compatible with any media playing device but you can also record messages via any recording device such as an iPad or laptop/computer.

2. Is this Samsung phone compatible?

Yep! BellyBuds were designed to play through any standard phone or media device.

3. Is this iPhone 7+ compatible?

BellyBuds will work via the Apple Lightning to 3.5mm Jack adapter. BellyBuds doesn't come with this adapter, however.

4. How safe is this for baby to hear and can they cause distress to baby after prolonged use?

Even at maximum level, the sound through BellyBuds' speakers will still reach a baby in the womb at a level lower than the mother's own heartbeat.

Also, please notice the "Pre" and "Post" settings on the volume limiter.

The "Pre"-natal setting has a lower maximum volume level and is sufficient to deliver music safely to a baby in the womb.

Switch to the "Post" -natal setting for a higher maximum level of volume. Use this setting when playing voice messages, soft music, or if using BellyBuds simply as ambient speakers after the baby is born.

Both the "Pre" and "Post" settings ensure a maximum level of sound that is safe for a baby in the womb. As everybody's type is different, we encourage you to play BellyBuds at a level that is ultimately most comfortable for you.

5. Can I plug these into my cell & play my own music?

ABSOLUTELY!!! You can plug them into your cell phone and play whatever you'd like from your phone (e.g. music, audio from youtube, etc.)!